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Grand Opening Manhattan Location November 2023!


A.I. Integrated EEG Guided Magnetic Resonance Therapy (MeRT) 

Every brain is unique, not all TMS are the same

FDA cleared Personalized treatment for Autism, Depression, Brain Injury, ADHD, Covid Brain, and much more

How it Works

Three Easy Steps To Create Harmony In Your Brain

Step 1: Brainwave Recording

Using our state of the art, FDA cleared, A.I. brainwave recording device, it only takes a few minutes to help our clinician understand which brainwave activities in certain regions of the brain are not functioning properly.

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Step 2: Data Analysis

An extensive report of different brainwave activities will be generated that will assist in determining a customized treatment protocol that is best for you or for your child.

Step 3: Personalized Treatment

rTMS or Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy has been FDA cleared since 2008. This safe and effective treatment uses magnetic pulses, targeting specific regions of the brain, with little to no side effects, improving your brain functions.


Understand Your Unique Brain & Unlock its Potential

Your mind is powerful. It guides the most trivial physical function and the most divine realization. It calculates, contemplates, and feels compassion. It makes you who you are. And, when you and your doctor have the power to directly measure, analyze, and improve brain function, you can transform your life.

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