Embrace the calm, break free from OCD

break free from OCD

MeRT℠ for OCD

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental health condition characterized by recurring and intrusive thoughts, as well as repetitive behaviors or rituals aimed at alleviating anxiety. EEG studies have shed light on the neural correlates of OCD, revealing distinct patterns of brain activity associated with the disorder from excessive theta wave activity, to presence of abnormalities in the beta and gamma frequency bands.

The heightened theta wave activity suggests that individuals with OCD may experience difficulties in cognitive domains, contributing to the repetitive thoughts and behaviors characteristic of the disorder. Studies have also shown that individuals with OCD also tend to exhibit reduced beta and gamma wave activity, potentially indicating disruptions in motor control and cognitive flexibility.

The MeRT℠ Approach

Utilizing the only FDA cleared deep TMS treatment for OCD, the repeated stimulation is believed to induce neuroplastic changes in certain regions of the brain. Over time, these changes may lead to alterations in neural circuits associated with OCD symptoms, potentially reducing their severity. dTMS may help normalize this activity, restoring balance to the affected circuits and alleviating symptoms.

Mert holds great promise for advancing our understanding, developing more targeted and effective treatment strategies, to potentially normalize dysfunctional neural circuits associated with OCD.

Embrace the calm, break free from OCD