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PTSD Brain Patterns

Typically the result of disruption in the front of the brain.

In many cases PTSD will manifest as the result of disruption in the front of the brain. It is commonplace to see two competing alpha frequencies in the frontal lobe and slow rolling waveforms (delta & theta waves) drowning out what should be a single strong alpha frequency. 

QEEG recording allows us to identify the veteran’s intrinsic alpha frequency, which is used to inform the individualized protocol with the goal of reducing competing brainwave activity. As the chaos of the brainwave activities subsides, an improvement in sleep, cognitive processing, emotional stability, and overall sense of wellbeing is often realized.

The MeRT℠ Approach

No two people are the same, even with similar symptoms.

While each warfighter may have unique traumas that have contributed to his or her distress, the ways in which suffering is experienced can be surprisingly similar from one person to the next. We take each veteran into consideration, creating personalized treatment protocols, with healing outcomes that are remarkably universal.


Patients saw a 62% reduction in PCL-M score with MeRT

In a recent double-blinded randomized controlled trial, over 4-weeks, patients saw a 62% reduction in PCL-M score with MeRT. Patients treated with MeRT improved more than sham patients over the course of treatment.