Unlike MeRT, a typical TMS therapy uses the same protocol for every patient irrespective of age and gender. This universal approach involves the stimulation of the left side of the brain using a standard fixed pulse frequency . However, this one-size-fits-all approach can result to minimal or lack of response, and may even lead to adverse reactions, potentially worsening of symptoms.

MeRT begins with a comprehensive brain analysis utilized to deliver your uniquely customized treatment. This analysis then helps identify irregularities in different areas of your brain that will require the precise stimulation needed. Consecutive brain scans are performed every ten treatments to assess progress, effectiveness, and the need for any potential adjustments to achieve better results.

Advance TMS has distinguished itself as the pioneer in utilization of state-of-the-art AI technology, ensuring the best possible brain treatment for you. Coupled with its collaboration with leaders and innovators in the field of science and medicine, Advance TMS eliminates the guesswork by providing concrete and tangible reports of your brain’s progress WITHIN MINUTES.

Below are just a few inspiring stories of people who initially received TMS therapy and had limited response, but experienced immediate and remarkable improvement in their depression after undergoing MeRT.

Every brain is unique, not all TMS are the same. Come and see the difference for yourself!